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15 plus year old company with senior professionals from the corporate world. A company with focus on strategic supplies to EPC companies, projects, manufacturing and service industry. A company which has been focusing on Annual Rate contracts the essay club with the strategic clients and ensures minimal inventories at the client level and assist in saving costs for them. A company which has entered into midsize infrastructure projects on request and trust of our large clients. A company which can try to avail solutions in varied space with their network which are not available on the shelf easily. A company with 22 team members and office across Mumbai and MP.

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What can PfR passive monitoring mode measure for UDP flows?
A. loss
B. delay
C. reachability
D. throughput
Correct Answer: D
int f0/0
ip add ospf1
nwtwork 192,168.0.0
int f0/0
ip add
router ospf1
nwtwork 192,168.0.0
default-information originate
ip route F0/1
Refer to the above. You notice that router R2 is experiencing high CPU usage. which action can you take
to correct the problem?
A. Configure the next-hop address for the R2 default route
B. Configure OSPF on the connection between R2 and the ISP
C. Configure R2 to advertise an area summary route between R2 and R1
D. Remove the default-information originate command from the R2 configuration
Correct Answer: A

70-411 dumps

Which two statementsabout MSDP are true?(choose two)
A. It requires multicast receivers to be in the same domain
B. It uses loopback interfaces for anycast RPaddress
C. It requires multicast sources to be in the same domain
D. It uses 32-bit anycast RP address
E. All MSDP domains on a given network can share a common RP
F. It uses UDP to establish peering sessions
Correct Answer: BD
You are using the limited scope multicast IP address for a high volume data distribution
application. what symptom would you expect to find in the network?
A. The video traffic cannot be handled by a limited scope multicast address
B. There is no problem and the network is performing smoothly , just as designed
C. The high volume traffic is being sent to the multicast address as well as on the original
address, causing high network load on all multicast subnets
D. The high volume application creates high network traffic load on all systems on the subnets where the
video is being sent.
Correct Answer: B