India’s weather can only be managed if you have the right air circulator in your home. Throughout the year, be it summer or winter, having fans in your home is not just a requirement, but an essential. Crompton understands this need well, and offers a range of modern air circulator systems that are the solution your home needs.
With over twenty years of experience keeping Indian homes cool and breezy, we understand the need of each room, and have a fan for you that is the right fit. Our product range includes ceiling fans that are stylish and fit well with your room’s designs, table and pedestal fans that offer portability, wall mounted fans for those tight spots where most fans won’t fit as well as exhaust fans to keep your bathroom and kitchens airy and smell-free.
With a competitive range, Crompton ensures that you find the right fans online or offline. Whether you plan to add a zing to your living room, need a new pedestal fan for your balcony or want to do over your kids’ room with the best cartoon graphics, we have an option for you!


Ceiling Fans
  • Super Premium
  • Premium
  • Metallic / Decorative
  • Standard Plain
  • Economy
  • BEE Star Rated
  • Rural
  • ISI
Table Fans
Pedestal Fans
Wall Mounted Fans
Domestic Exhaust Fans
  • Plastic Exhaust
  • Metal Exhaust
Special Fans
  • Speciality
  • Heavy Duty Exhaust
  • Air Circulator