LEDVANCE is a world leader in innovative lighting products as well as intelligent and connected lighting solutions (Smart Home). The company is an offspring of OSRAM, combining traditional general illumination with modern, ground-breaking lighting technologies.
LEDVANCE is built on trusted, long-standing customer relationships and a powerful distribution network offering excellent reach and market access around the globe. Based on our in-depth understanding of the general illumination market, trending technologies and changing needs, we support the specific and individual demands of both direct and indirect customers.
The company employees about 9,000 people, is active in more than 120 countries. At all of its locations around the world, LEDVANCE is committed to acting responsibly towards its customers, employees, business partners, society and the environment.


  • LED lamps
  • LED tubes
  • Halogen lamps
  • Compact fluorescent lamps with integrated control gear
  • Compact fluorescent lamps without integrated control gear
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • High intensity discharge lamps
  • Specialty lamps
  • Incandescent lamps

Electronics and modules
  • Electronic Control Gears for LED modules and dimmers
  • Electronic Control Gears for traditional lighting
  • Light management systems
  • Light Engines and Modules

  • Professional luminaires