OSRAM is the global leader in ballast and lighting controls systems. Our global network of design and manufacturing brings ballast and lamp knowledge together to produce innovative and cost effective energy-saving systems.
We offer QUICKTRONIC electronic ballast for fluorescent, compact fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps as well as a full portfolio of magnetic ballasts.


Electronic T8 Fluorescent - Instant Start
  • T8 Low Ballast Factor
  • T8 Normal Ballast Factor
  • T8 High Ballast Factor
  • T8 59W Low/Normal/High
Electronic T8 Fluorescent - Program Start
  • High Ballast Factor
  • Normal Ballast Factor
  • Xtreme Low Ballast Factor
QUICKTRONIC T5 Fluorescent
  • Instant Start DL40 - Normal Ballast Factor
  • Electronic T5
  • PROStart DL40 - Normal Ballast Factor
  • PROStart T5 - Normal Ballast Factor
  • PROStart T5 - Extra Low Ballast Factor
  • T5HO 347-480V High Temperature
  • T5HO - High Efficiency Series
  • T5HO  High Temperature - High Efficiency Series
  • T5HO 0.80BF
  • T5HO - Professional Series
  • T5HO  High Temperature - Professional Series
Controllable Electronic Fluorescent
  • Powersense Series
  • Helios 10 Series
  • Quickstep Series
  • Dali Series